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Comprehensive services For The Hemp Industry

Indalgrow is a company based in Almería and specialized in the industrial hemp sector. With a wide network of contacts and a verified selection, and of the highest quality, of services and inputs, which range from the best certified genetics to a network of international buyers.

Indalgrow makes available at your disposal all the technical and legal information, and will be your best travel companion to be able to make the most of this new business opportunity. Do not be left behind, be part of this great revolution and make this opportunity yours, turning your traditional cultivation into a professionalized industrial exploitation, hand in hand with Indalgrow.

At Indalgrow we are committed to what has been a success, already
achieved in many other countries, such as Canada, the USA, South America, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Germany … The commitment to a
very valuable ancestral crop, which after many years pursued,today it
is the most profitable alternative, hemp.

After the latest governmental decisions and sentences from European
courts, we find ourselves in a unique moment, an ideal situation to
take advantage of our knowledge, our climate, our know-how and the
best facilities, to be the pioneers in what is, has been and It will
be an extremely valuable crop, both medicinally and therapeutically.

Vegetarian material

We are suppliers of any format of hemp that your company needs.


Comprehensive technical, legal and economic advice. All the services
you need from start to finish.

Cultivating menu

We adapt production to your needs. Genetics, infrastructure and
agronomic management.


We believe in synergies. If you are a specialist in the sector we will
be happy to hear from you.

 Vegetarian Material

Indalgrow offers a wide variety of products and derivatives of
industrial hemp.

Our continuous quality controls ensure a uniform production and
with the maximum guarantees.

  • Cannabinoid analysis
  • Integrated control
    • Biological struggles
    • Microbiological struggles

 The genetics that we grow have been subjected to rigorous analytical controls, are fully certified, and all of them have well-defined traceability.

We prepare annual production plans, ensuring a continuous supply over time.

  • Ecological production
  • Waste production zero

Ask us without obligation for the product you need, we will be happy to help you.


We offer you a personalized plan to transform your crop traditionally in an industrial hemp production, the emerging crop most profitable at that moment.

Our team of qualified technicians will be in charge of offering you all the
necessary information on the current market situation, both legal, and technical.


technical advice

Agronomic management

Periodic cannabinoid monitoring

Workforce training

Production management



Structural evaluation

Economic feasibility

Personalized business plan

Inputs Management

Wide selection of brands

Prevention plans

Adapted genetics

Legal Advice

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International channels

Cultivation a la Carte

We grow for you. We prepare customized production plans that will minimize possible losses in your business. A quality product and scheduled production, grown on demand, which will meet all the requirements you need. Secure your supply channel and boost your market share.


Indalgrow is a dynamic company always aware of the latest developments in the sector. If you are a professional in this industry, a distributor, an extractor or you just have a project that you want to share with us, we would love to hear from you.